Planning your Dream Wedding
05 Mar 2016

Planning your Dream Wedding

Most of us when we attend our friends or relatives wedding, we start mapping our own wedding in our minds. “Oh I loved that venue or the way the mandap is designed or the colour is so pretty and royal. I will also have the same décor for my wedding.” But do you know as per scientists we have different type of memories immediate, short term and life long memories. So when we see something we like keep it in our immediate memory talk about it for a while and if we like something better that that we shift to the other. Short term memories are retained as long as we use it or they are lost. And Long-term memory, the class that we are most familiar with, is used to store facts, observations, and the stories of our lives. Wedding is a Life long memory which you will like to store for your lifetime with the good memories attached to it. The Wedding Swaggers helps you plan and execute the marriage of your dreams.

Once you find the Perfect Life Partner the one who is the special one who you want to spend rest of your life, we are here to just make your wedding perfect. Understanding the bride and groom is very important for the planning your D Day. It’s more of understanding their likes, dislikes, colours, traditions and customs. If you ask the bride or the groom about the wedding, they would be describing their wedding as ‘I want my wedding to be a WEDDING TO BE REMEMBERED’. So how do we make every wedding stand out? How do you make it a memorable affair for the guests?

The answer is very simple, every wedding has a unique story to tell. A good planner is someone who is knowledgeable, resourceful, imaginative, inventive and who can give you advice for your D Day and help you calm from the planning and execution from your stressful schedule. Planners are all about being organised; creating schedules, sourcing suppliers, managing budgets, assisting, venue management, co-ordinating the day itself… they think of everything you need to help create your dream wedding, and do everything in their power to make sure it runs smoothly on the day, remaining calm and being quick to think on their feet.

Planners are updated about the latest trend hence help you in amalgamating your traditions and customs with the new trends. They can create fresh designs and themes keeping in mind your preferences and give you best of advices for your ambience décor, colour schemes, table décor and props. Often it is seen that Planners are appointed when they are stuck with new ideas and inspirations or they are short of time for handling their wedding. But Wedding Planners should be appointed at 6-8 months prior their wedding day to plan the WEDDING OF YOUR DREAMS.

Wedding Swagger

An end to end planner for your dream wedding, where our Mantra is "Your Wedding Your Story"


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