Why Say YES to The Wedding Swaggers Planning services
05 Mar 2016

Why Say YES to The Wedding Swaggers Planning services

Right from the swaggers desk –

Gone are the days where marriages were just celebrated in one tiny hall or ground with absolutely no planning and almost the bride and grooms family ended up spending way much beyond expectation

We, The Wedding Swaggers, ideates bride and groom entire wedding journey and provide solutions rather than same old traditional wedding approach

Here, are the top reasons why you should consult with us before jumping with any wedding related services –


Reason #1 – You deserve and need help in converting your dream wedding in reality

No matter how vague the idea is or how magnum it is, the swagging team will connect each dots.

We speak to bride and groom family and try find the story which they have and then recreate the magic during their entire wedding process

TWS teams knows the latest trend, in fact, we are also known to create trends…put up style, emotions and looks in your wedding


Reason #2 – You are not very good in sticking with budget

One of the key aspect to hire our services, once we understand your requirements, we also start helping you with budgeting, YOU HEARD RIGHT, we help you with budgeting like how your entire wedding expenses will be managed and which are the right areas where you need to spend and areas try to reduce the hidden expenses (ONE of the most important aspects, where without planning you may end up paying almost 15-30% more than initially planned)

Hence, the swagging team helps you design the entire wedding planning but in Swagging style.


Reason #3 – TIME, TIME and TIME

The bottom line, with every thing becoming so much time constraint, even failing to plan slightest thing during your wedding will provide a huge constraint in your wedding event.

So, leave it to us and we assure you convenience at your time. The entire planning will be made keeping in mind with time lines, schedules and we will be preparing a time flow which will address your needs in the allocated time.


Reason #4 – Everyone has different opinions and struggling to meet demands from friends and family

Dont worry, your search just ends here…Leave to us and we will provide a customised solutions by speaking to each one of them and finally conclude the planning process. You will be thoroughly surprised with ease we will be concluding the final show flow of your dream event.

So don’t get stressed, we will be sitting with each one with varied options and answer what different we could do…..but in swagging style….


Reason #5 – Planning for destination wedding or wedding not in local area

There are pros and cons for going for destination wedding, but obvious pros score much higher and destination wedding comes with a huge expectation, which if not met then be ready for a huge disappointment.

The TWS team has a wide array of experience with destination wedding and here we chalk you every minute details…..but before jumping to anything our team will have few questions for you which will help you decide with whether is Destination wedding good for you, which will be ideal place to get married (New – Monsoon wedding), what will be the ideal duration, how we can also entertain all our guests for wedding and more…


Explore our services to know more

and don’t forget to call us, the swagging team will be there to make your dream wedding a reality.


Wedding Swagger

An end to end planner for your dream wedding, where our Mantra is "Your Wedding Your Story"


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