Pre-Wedding Shoot – The Wedding Swaggers way – unfolding mystery behind great shoot
17 Apr 2016

Pre-Wedding Shoot – The Wedding Swaggers way – unfolding mystery behind great shoot

Pre – Wedding Shoot….Whats the Hype all about and why to do this?

Pre Wed shoot is a not a very new concept but over years have been changed with new technologies and emerging concepts

Pre Shoot defines overall chemistry of bride and groom before they step in their new marital life. This showcase in form of pictures or videos how their love was evolved over years or months before finally deciding to tie knot

Pre Wedding shoot is highly mis-understood as well as misrepresented by mere clicking candid pictures or some video highlights by moving from one location to other.

So, brides and grooms your perfect search ends here as at The Wedding Swagger – we define shoot by more of capturing your old memory lane moments that you would like to cherish after some years of wedding by remembering those old days – but in Swagging Style

Great, So how does The Wedding Swaggers team decide Whats important for bride and groom?

The Wedding Swaggers team does not jump to locations and shoots. Our mantra as it goes its “Your Wedding, Your Story”, hence, we follow a process to finalise the dream shoot.

Note – the interview process is under our Concept Based wedding services

To begin, we carry in-depth interview process understanding not only from bride and groom perspective but sometimes also their close relations.

Next, from the interview, we sketch a story, identify locations and provide shoot timelines

We do quite a lot of unique and concept based shoots, hence, this always delights bride and groom more as they start getting more and more involved with the moments we capture

Sounds Great, Do you hire professional photographers or Videographers and are they also involved in above concept building process?

Yes, we have a great team with loads of professional experience with shoots, but more over we do not have normal photo/videographers, what we have is Swagging Wedographers – so basically we have candids, cinematographer, story director, conceptographer – so whole team works on shoots to provide the desired results.

In pre – wed shoot, depending on bride and groom budget as well as expectation and story we provide them with the team and concept

In your experience, are the bride and groom photo ready or do they shy camera?

Thats, a million dollar question – most of the bride and groom are absolutely shy and even most of them might have faced camera for years, but when it comes to Wedding – the reality is very different.

Its all about chemistry, appearance and the moment but to capture those is in flash of time is very challenging and mostly it should go as per the story line which we have fixed on

So, to overcome this problem, we have started addressing by making the bride and groom ready for what is expected. Our team is trained on spot to help them provide with expressions like facial and body, so we prepare are now in line with story. Also, to capture candids there are loads of stuff which we do not disclose to them and its on the spot for their expressions….

So call us now to make your Wedding in Swagging Style…

Wedding Swagger

An end to end planner for your dream wedding, where our Mantra is "Your Wedding Your Story"


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